Where do I come from?

Well, not all beginnings and ends are clear and isolated moments, they’re mostly transitions, changes inside of us that lead us to see the world in a new way, a different world everytime we learn something new and we’re able to change our perceptions of it.

Where I come from

I was born in Bariloche, a beautiful city located in North of the Argentinian Patagonia surrounded by mountains, rivers and lakes. I was born there, 15 km away from the village where my parents and I used to live until I became one year old: Dina Huapi. Dina Huapi is also a city nowadays, with around 6k inhabitants and some adorable bike lanes by the lake Nahuel Huapi (Nahuel Huapi National Park) and by the National Route Nº40 (cool isn’t it?!).

My parents and grandparents

My dad was raised in Dina Huapi (also born in Bariloche, there’s still no hospital in Dina Huapi) and my mom was born in Santiago de Chile. Both my grandmas are Chilean and my grandfather was Danish (dad’s side), I actually don’t know anything about my other grandpa and would love to know more, but there are a couple of things I can’t find out, even if I’ve tried to…

My grandfather left Denmark when he was 18 and moved to Argentina, also did my grandma who moved from South Chile to Bariloche. My other grandma (mom’s side) also left her home village and comfort zone in Chiloé to find her own way in Santiago at the age of 18. My mom left Chile when she was 21 and started her grown up life in Argentina.

Life and habitudes (habits and attitudes)

I’ve never stopped traveling, since I was in my mom’s belly, we’d always travel to Chile (not only for pleasure though, my mom used to buy clothes in Chile and sell them in Argentina as a way to sustain herself economically), also visiting the huge family we have there. I would stay whole summers at my grandma’s in Santiago and during school time, I’d love to stay the weekends at my grandma’s in Dina Huapi, right by the river Ñirihuau (enjoying the peaceful countryside since we used to live in “the big city” Bariloche from my 1st year until I was 16.

On 2005 we moved to Mendoza, my parents needed a change, so I finished my last year of High school there, I was not happy at all about this change, but I can say now, that also this change brought possitive things to our lives.

What comes next? My nomad life, maybe because of these nomad genes and my eagerness to find my way, to be able to enjoy wherever I go, to experience being part of the places I visit and developing myself, getting to know the person I am.

My grandmas usually complain that I travel too much, that I’m too far away, and I answer to them: “Abu, you did the same thing, you left your home village/town to explore and find your own way, I’m traveling to find mine”. And after they try to find reasons to say it’s not the same, they agree with me. I must admit I always miss them and the rest of my family so bad (including our pets!!!). It’s not easy when you’re the most affective one in the family, the one that kisses and hugs the most, all the time, ALL THE TIME hugging and kissing!

That’s also something I’m working on, to be less attached to people, so I fully enjoy the moment and that’s a good way of not missing that much afterwards, because you’re already enjoying another moment with more wonderful people! 😉

But yeah, this life is too short for the size of our planet and all the things I want to discover on it, so, let’s get started!








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