Something made me feel like sharing one of the biggest dreams of my life- if not the biggest…

I’ve just seen this pic on NatGeo’s Instagram:

I’m not keen on football at all. I’ve heard too much about it, even when I didn’t wanted to hear anything about it! Yeah, being an Argentinian who doesn’t like football is not easy. Imagine one who, in addition to that, doesn’t like Fernet Branca and doesn’t eat meat. Yeah right? I’ve heard it: “you’re a fake Argentinian”, they say…

If I’m in the mood… I reply sharing some aspects of our culture I enjoy much more, but which not everyone knows. I do drink mates everyday, the whole day. I could also drink one (and sometimes 2 or 3 depending on the quality of the beers available) craft beers a day, yes, we have some -damn-good- breweries too. Oh, and our wines, some Malbecs flood my mouth with hundreds of sensations. I vibrate with each tango, fly with every milonga and adore dancing Argentinian folklore.

Despite my low degree of sympathy towards football, I must recognize that I admire the way it unites people. They become suddenly- during this 90 min+celebration time- all one identity, one passion, even those, who don’t like football.

Yes, I’ve felt it too. not too many years ago, I would also feel and share this emotions. I guess it’s because I’ve seen how happy the whole country feels, even when the economy sucks, when you are finally- almost- over the consequences of the last crack, but the next one is already coming…when your country wins the cup, they are all united and the only thing that matters is supporting each other. Sharing the happy moments and also the hard ones.

So many times, in countless opportunities, have I imagined, how easy it would be for us to change the world. To rescue our planet and the lives of all the people who die everyday. Of hunger, of thurst, of sadness, for greed, for nonsense wars, fighted for purposes that are not theirs, but the purposes of a few.

How would it be, if we would also celebrate and honour life, all human beings’, all species’. If we could be united, us all, in respect.

If we would involve all our emotions, specially happiness, in the name of love.

I don’t like football, but football fans inspire me to dream deeper and further, and that’s one of my happiest and fullest-of-hope dreams.

Lots of love dear world, let’s win our cup 💚


3 thoughts on “Something made me feel like sharing one of the biggest dreams of my life- if not the biggest…

  1. Y eres re argentina, soy testigo de tu pasión por el tango y el mate!
    Y si, el mundo sería mejor si todos nos unieramos y en lugar de enviar malas vibras, desearamos amor para el mundo!
    Te mando besos y amor hasta donde estes! ❤❤❤

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