About me

Hi everyone, welcome to my blog!
I’ve been planning, for so long, to start writing and sharing all the amazing experiences and adventures I’ve had, but I can’t help getting distracted by life and I’m also a professional procrastinator, so hopefully, the last one will change after I start with this, my new habit of blogging.
I am a traveler soul from Patagonia (Chilean and Argentinian). I am a very sensitive person and that’s very positive most of the times, but can also be very painful in many other occasions. Anyway, I’m not hoping to feel less, but to learn how to control the bad effects on me, while enjoying the good ones at the maximum, by, for example, sharing with you all the magical things I appreciate from life! ^^

I don’t know if I can call myself an activist, but I do my best to take care of our planet and the beings living on it. I am constantly learning and applying gender equality principles, some of which I wasn’t aware of some years ago, because as you might know, Latinamerica is not one of the most gender-equality-friendly places of the planet- yet. We are the ones who make the change!!!
I have a BA of Tourism, a strong orientation towards sustainable development and I am crazy about languages, so maybe, I’ll be also sharing posts in Spanish, French and Portuguese. Would love to share also in German and Danish, but I’m not that good at those languages yet!
I love learning; I’m not ashamed of asking if I don’t know sthg, that’s how we all start learning, right?


Vikinga de los Andes